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Anonymous said: Love ur face❤️
I replied:

thank you!!! :’)

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i love nicholaus so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosososososososososoososososo

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thank the lord for 100mgs of zoloft

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i’m feeling really happy today for the first time in years :)

this feels amazing.

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Nothing I ever do is okay, it’s always wrong
It’s always people I love that tell me these things and make me feel less

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i’d give anything

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i can’t sleep, eat, get out of bed, talk, listen

i can’t do a damn thing

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i wish you wanted me more, in every way

but you don’t, in any way

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im not okay with this

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there’s nothing i’d love to do more than slice my wrists into a million pieces and drown in my own blood, i want to be selfish for once

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cool, my dad just came back from Louisiana and i said “hi daddy” and he responded with “we have to go over to utsa tomorrow” and walked away from me

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all i’ve ever wanted was to be good enough for you, but that’ll never happen

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i wish you’d kill me physically, like you’ve done emotionally.

but maybe you’re too scared to see what i look like inside

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