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i just want to cuddle and kiss and cry

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I colored it in n stuff

I need an inner thigh/butt massage in the most non sexual way possible
I have RLS and that’s the only way I know how to make it go away :(

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Me ft sunlight and long hair

I have the need to paint the hell out of a big canvas and just go at it with no previous plans
I just want to fuck that canvas up

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I can’t close my eyes to go to sleep because so many things come to my head that I don’t want to think about

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you taught me to never let my guard down ever again

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i really want to be cuddled to sleep

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i always wonder what you’re up to

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i doodled the fkatwigs photoset that i made

feeling really really shitty

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God dammit If you were here I’d kiss the hell out of you and I wouldn’t let you go

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i shaved and got dressed fo nothin’ SEND ME ANONS TALK TO ME IM LONELY N BORED

Not very happy, not very happy at all
I feel so alone with my thoughts

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