i thought when someone else’s happiness is your own, it’s called love???

but i guess im wrong

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I’ve learned that I am not easy to love

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I’ve disappointed everyone I know

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you know how i feel

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I love my haircut yay

i feel numb actually but kind of sick at the same time ja feel

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assuming the worst because the worst always happens :)

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my dad told my mom and now she won’t stop worrying about me and this is the last thing i wanted. ive literally fcked up my entire life and everyone ive ever loved

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Fuck me

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My nieces asshole father wants custody over her and is taking my sister to court fuck fuck fuck
Every god damn thing is getting worse

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im so fuckin lame, but i wish we had another year of high school

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It slipped out
I told my dad about killing myself
I feel so bad
Idk if it was the right choice, but maybe I’ll get real help and they’ll take me seriously this time

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i don’t love me either, so how could you?

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my dream woke me up because it was so sad, but the worst part is, nothing was better when i woke up

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