i gave you everything i could

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I wish I was him

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I want to be far away from everything I need to be away I hate it here I want to die

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Me ft drunk me

I want to die right fuckking now

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So fucking stressed and I feel so fucking attacked and ughhhh I want pills fuck

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I’m high on pills goodnight I can’t type and I’m floating which is better than slamming my fist into the door

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I don’t know what id do if I knew what you’ve said and done since it happened

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Doodles at work

totally forgot that my grandparents have a shit ton of hydrocodeine here

i need to calm down, im going to get really bad if i dont

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i really dont want to be alone right now

my heart is pounding and im scared and im so fucking lonely and i feel like absolute shit and nobody fucking cares fuck fuck fuck

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continuous rape dreams. im scared of sleeping

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it still hits me really hard maybe like twice a day knowing that it actually happened

that you’re really gone

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I should just become a soft core pornstar so I can go to art school

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